Being friends with someone means being the other’s biggest support system. Keeping that in mind, we have initiated a new concept named ‘Mitra’. Be Hunar.Online’s support system and earn money. ‘Mitra’ is for people who are willing to join this platform and work with us to help this platform grow.

Rojgar Mitra

“Assist People and Earn Money”

Just like you help your friend in finding a job, you can do the same on and can earn money. All you need to do is search for people who are looking for a job and get them on-board with

Register : register with hunar online under rojgarmitra

Connect with People: Find people who are looking for job and get them on-board with Hunar.Online.

Earn Money : Offer verification solutions to employers, help people get onboard with Hunar.Online and earn money.

An easy way to earn money by registering people. If you want to earn money while sitting at home, this is the right platform for you.The person with Rozgar Mitra login can help job seekers to get on-board on Hunar.Online or can personally on-board people.