Hunar.Online’s Video Job Ads for HR/Recruiters


Hunar.Online’s Video Job Ads for HR/Recruiters

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As a talent acquisition and human resources professional, you are looking to prove your return on investment to your compay’s leadership. When you spend on recruitment advertising, you need results. Rupees must equal new hires. The lower the cost per hire, the happier everyone is, including your CFO. Not to mention, the higher the head count, the smoother your organization will function. 

In order to locate quality candidates and effectively convert the best applicants to great hires, it’s not enough to list responsibilities. It’s also not enough to list any type of role and any type of site and expect results. You have to sell!  Especially with today’s unemployment rates, increased competition and messaging, your opportunity has to be different and better.


Gone are the days when the recruitment process was limited to just local paper advertising, employment office postings, recruitment agencies, text job posts and internal hiring. The digital revolution has not only benefited advertisers and marketers, but it has taken recruitment to another level.

Hunar.Online’s Video Job Ads

Digital Marketing for Recruiters

Good fit candidates must be able to find you and if you are not in the right place at the right time with the right message, your competitor will find the applicant first! Talent acquisition professionals don’t just work harder. To be successful, they must work smarter and become digital marketers at their core.

When recruiting, HR and staffing professionals plan a series of actions with carefully chosen online marketing channels in order to achieve a lower cost per hire, this is a digital marketing strategy. Online marketing channels can be paid, earned and owned media.


Job seekers spend 55 seconds on text job ad, while job seekers spend 5 minutes and 23 seconds watching video ads.


Video is better than text alone. Video is entertaining, engaging, and easier to digest. It show-and-tells, versus only telling a story. Online video is accessible globally. It is also easier to consume on a mobile device that fits in your pocket, filling the screen with visuals along with sound and moving text.  Did you know the average candidate learns 60% more when you communicate your job in video? makes it simple for every hiring manager, HR or recruitment consultant to create an attractive, well-branded, video job ads.'s video platform enables anyone to easily create engaging video content, engage and attract better quality candidates, and ultimately fill jobs faster.

Video also makes your job advertisement personal. It is authentic. Video builds employer branding, show company culture trust, a personal connection, and offers audiences casual, “behind the scenes” updates among potential candidates. 

In today’s candidate-driven job market, job seekers have many job opportunities. To hire the best people, you need to differentiate your job postings to attract their attention. Show candidates about company culture, about perks and benefits the employees are getting.


Companies began to use online video job advertisements temporarily and experimentally. It was a lot of fun. Lots of bloopers and definitely good traction. Less amount of better qualified applicants and lots of discussion with lot of sharing on social media platform.

What do you say in a recruitment video?

Here are some advice for using videos in recruiting:

  • Share the basic information.
  • Include a call to action
  • Make it short
  • Keep it conversational
  • Showcase your culture
  • Make sure you