Optimize the recruitment process for Industrial Skilled trades


Optimize the recruitment process for Industrial Skilled trades

The blue-collar skilled workforce is the foundation of manufacturing industries, and at this stage a qualitative approach to hiring workers is becoming a necessity.

The traditional hiring method involves a lot of manual steps that reduce the productivity of all stakeholders involved in the process. Thus, companies need to change the ways they hire a blue-collar workforce. Hunar Online's video job post is one of the best ways to hire a person who can be the right fit for such roles while maintaining the efficiency of the stakeholders involved in the hiring process.


What is the current recruitment method?


According to research, on average, talent acquisition professionals spend about 1/3 of their workweek (approximately 13 hours) for a role. About 1 in 3 respondents spend more than 20 hours. [1] This type of hiring method involves a lot of paperwork and manual work. In addition, HR professionals search candidates through online newspaper advertisements to post about openings on online portals and on their company portals, etc. As a result, the recruitment process takes several weeks to find the right fit for the role.


The three most common trends seen in this type of recruitment process

1- Companies use agencies and tie up with ITI Collage to appoint candidates

2- Most companies paste job advertisements at the factory gate

3- Advertise a newspaper



To find out the answer on "Challenges to Hiring Blue Collar Workers in India, especially in manufacturing units", Hunar Online Team spoke to leading HR of various Indian multinationals who have worked on this segment of the white collar workforce as well Have worked with.



Below is a summary of the interview with him.

Question. 1 What kind of challenges do you face in hiring blue collar workers?

Answer: There are some challenges in hiring blue collar workers:

1. A job portal for blue collar worker hiring: When we look at hiring portals like naukri.com and other portals, we do not find blue collar workers in them.

2. There is no mentor mentor in this type of recruitment: Secondly, there is a shortage of mentors who actually provide skilled blue collar workers.

3. Not enough skilled workforce: Another main challenge is the lack of skilled workers as per the requirement. There are many people who are looking for a job but are not trained or lack the necessary skills to do the job.


Ques.3 How do you manage the attrition rate of blue collar workers in your company?

Answer: Skilled blue collar workers are greatly needed in the wider industrial belt. It is difficult for small industries to find such workers, especially when large companies also go to most ITIs (industrial training institutes) and get talent. There is a large need for such companies. Therefore, other companies face such manpower shortages.

Attraction is higher at the worker level. They leave us for better pay and growth. The attrition in my company is 10-20% and it is higher during peak season like festive season. Absence and attraction both increase.

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