Transform Your Recruitment Process with Hunar Online’s Video Job Descriptions


Transform Your Recruitment Process with Hunar Online’s Video Job Descriptions

If you are recruiting for new talent in your company, one great way to do so is by taking your recruitment ad to video. Hunar Online formally NWCJOBS is the most popular jobsite to hire industrial skilled workers like CNC operators, Injection Moulding, Back Office candidates with more than 5K users visiting each day which makes it the perfect place to find a new skilled trade for Indian Industries.

Here are some examples how companies are using Video Ads it

1-  (257 Views/ 83 Share/ 37 Calls) - recorded on 7 Feb 2021 

2-   (305 Views/ 72 Share/ 42 Calls) - recorded on 7 Feb 2021

3- (103 Views/ 23 Share/  19 Calls) - recorded on 7 Feb 2021



Why Create Video Job Descriptions on Hunar Online?

* Videos are useful in helping job searchers better understand the types of candidates that would be the best fit for company’s open positions, but they also help bring your company to life in a way that a simple text post just can't.

*  Video job ads on hunar online get a 487% increase in engagement over text ads.

*  It better represents the company and the job opportunity 

**  Via Hunar Online it reaches among more relevant people in local language that they understood

*  Videos can be an easy way for prospective applicants to "meet" your existing team

*  No one takes the time to share job description. But a well crafted, Hunar Online Video job post is very shareable.

*  The best videos job post on hunar online not only attract candidates, they augment a brand’s image.



If you are interested in seeing first hand how video can help you recruit better, find top talent and reduce time-to-fill as well as reduce recruitment spend, schedule a free demo today [email protected]