Should I Use Video for Job Post


Should I Use Video for Job Post

Does Anyone read job posting any more ? Specially Skilled Workers ? 

Shall we Used Hunar.Online’s Video Job Posting feature instead of written job posting ? 

The Answer is YES. 

Hunar.Online is an exclusive digital marketplace for Indian Industries and businesses to hire skilled workers hassle free. Job Posting is very important as it is the currency of recruiting, search is the key of effective job posting, if no one finds your post no one can apply and therefore it does not matter that what it describe, it to be found and understood by the job seekers. So it is very essential to make your job found and ensure that your job post must be in the language that relevant candidate understand. 

Hunar online introduced Video Job Post feature powered with Artificial Intelligent (AI ) algorithm which deliver your job vacancies among relevant candidates who have matching skills related to job posting along with video of job post that is in language that is understood by job seekers. 

This results in high ROI in form of number of response that company receives and hassle free hiring. When Job Posting and Video feature comes at Hunar online, it attract right candidate for job and help companies in establishing a brand among the workers also. 

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