Video Job Ads are Gaining Ground: Here’s How Hunar Online Can Help


Video Job Ads are Gaining Ground: Here’s How Hunar Online Can Help

According to a 2013 eye-tracking study from The Ladders, job seekers are willing to spend, on average, about 77 seconds—to decide whether a position is a good match for them. It takes less time for a job seeker to determine if a position is not a fit: just 50 seconds.


New Study from video-job posting platform shows that candidates spend an average of 55 seconds viewing text-only ads, while job seekers spend 5 minutes and 23 seconds watching video ads (when they choose to play the ad).


As a talent acquisition and human resources professional, you want to prove your return on investment by leading your organization. When you spend on recruitment advertising, you need results. Rupees should equal new employees. The lower the cost per hire, the happier everyone, including your CFO, will be. Not to mention, the higher the head count, the more smoothly your organization will function.


To locate quality candidates and effectively turn the best applicants into great employees, it is not enough just to list down the responsibilities and qualifications. Listing any type of role and any type of site and expecting results is also not enough. You have to sell! Especially with today's unemployment rate, increased competition and messaging, your opportunity must be different and better.


Hunar.Online’s Video Job Ads


Digital Marketing for Recruiters

Quality candidates will be able to find you and if you are not in the right place at the right time with the right message, your competitor will find the applicant first! Talent acquisition professionals don't just work hard. To be successful, they must work smartly and be digital marketers at their core.


When recruiting, HR and staffing professionals plan a series of actions with carefully chosen online marketing channels to achieve low cost per hire, a digital marketing strategy. Online marketing channels can be paid, earned and owned media.


Why Video Job Advertisement for Digital Marketing Recruitment?

Video is better than text alone.  The video is entertaining, engaging and easy to digest. Online video is available globally. It's also easy to consume on a mobile device that fits in your pocket, filling the screen with visuals with sound and moving text. Did you know that the average candidate learns 60% more when you communicate your job in video?


Video also personalizes your job ad. It's authentic. Video employer branding, builds trust, a personal connection, and provides viewers with casual, "behind the scenes" updates.


Industries which require talent to join the organization and work on site are struggling to get the applications like manufacturing industry. With the pandemic, some companies find that finding talent to work remotely in person is much easier.


Finding the right talent with a huge talent pool


If you're hiring remotely and are looking to find the "needle in the haystack" of applications, how do you do a better job of targeting that candidate with the specific skills needed for the job, while maintaining a diverse talent pool? Attract too?


Only then can taking advantage of digital technology help. Companies are learning to operate virtually, and you need virtual technology to be successful in recruiting top talent.


Leveraging video technology to navigate the massive talent pool


One way to attract the right talent is with a short, compelling video. Long text job descriptions may be overlooked by job seekers. They may be searching through too many job postings and just skimming the text. This means that there may be important aspects of the job that they are missing.


One minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words. This means the job seeker can understand and retain more of a one minute video than reading the text alone. With a more efficient means of advertising your message, candidates can self-select better, opting in or out of the application process with a better understanding of the role.



Hunar Online Brief:

Recruiters can now create, edit and publish video job descriptions through its Video Job Ads Feature. Video allows recruiters and hiring managers to showcase the benefits of a job opening, company characteristics, and the work environment, it gives candidates insight into the role and company culture.

"Video job descriptions bring the culture of the workplace to life," said Hunar Online CEO Nitinn Sagarr. “We know that candidates, especially on their mobile phones, do not want to consume information simply by reading the large blocks of text that make up a traditional job description.  Video allows a company to create a more complete view into a job which drives better connections and fit throughout the process."


Video isn't a new concept in the hiring process, but employers and vendors alike are finding new ways to use the technology to improve transparency and for applicants to look for jobs. Static job descriptions may not give applicants a complete picture of the job and company; This is problematic because when new employees leave, it is often because the job does not meet their expectations.


Video could really be having a moment. Therefore Hunar Online LLP launched video for its platform in February 2021, citing video's ability to start conversations and improve engagement.


According to Nitinn Sagarr CEO Hunar Online LLP, knowing the quality of the content and really knowing the target audience will yield the best results by the recruiters. Video job adverts can work really well and help employer stand out from the crowd and source the best candidates.